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The Raised with Love and Limits Foundation to Present Behavior Checker® Research at The Society for Prevention Research 25th Annual Meeting

Members of the planning committee for Behavior Checker Nurse Education Workshops at KU Pediatrics include, from left to right, Barbara Unell, Dr. Jerry Wyckoff, Kelly Harrison, Mallory Leach, Michael Kellogg, Polly Slater and Jackie Burczyk.


(April 17, 2017) The Raised with Love and Limits Foundation will present the results of a groundbreaking new pilot study at the Society for Prevention Research 25th Annual Meeting, to be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Washington in Washington D.C. May 30-June 2.

The study, “A Feasibility Study of Behavior Checker: Enhancing the Capacity of Pediatric Staff to Deliver Evidence-Based Strategies to Manage Children's Common Behavioral Issues for Parents” will be presented at a special paper “symposium” session, “Behavioral Health Interventions in Pediatric Primary Care: Engaging Physicians and Families”.

Presenting will be lead investigator Jungrim Moon, MSW, MA, Doctoral Student, GRA, GTA, University of Kansas; Michelle Johnson-Motoyama, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Kansas; and Barbara Unell, co-founder of The Raised with Love and Limits Foundation, Prairie Village, Kansas.

Positive parenting has a significant influence on mitigating toxic stress resulting from adverse experiences for children, while harsh and ineffective discipline is associated with maltreatment and poor developmental outcomes. The pediatric practice has been an underutilized platform to deliver evidence-based strategies to manage children’s common behavioral issues for parents.

Behavior Checker is an integrated pediatric telephone and office system for managing common behavioral issues, developed by The Raised with Love and Limits Foundation founders Jerry L. Wyckoff, Ph.D., and Barbara Unell. The Behavior Checker training educates pediatric staff about the core skills in managing behavioral issues and teaches them to use digital prescriptions during a phone triage, as well as sick- and well-visits with parents. The purpose of this study was to explore the feasibility of implementing Behavior Checker in a pediatric primary care setting and examine its preliminary effects on increasing pediatric staff’s knowledge and the level of confidence to engage parents in discussions related to managing children’s behaviors, and thereby, increasing their capacity to act as gatekeepers in preventing maltreatment.

According to Dr. Stephen Lauer, Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Pediatrics The University of Kansas School of Medicine/The University of Kansas Physicians: “While pediatricians continue to treat ear infections, administer vaccinations and manage complex medical conditions, we are more and more called on to advise parents on their children’s behavioral issues. Almost all parents at some point seek advice about their child’s tantrums, how to manage bedtime or how to approach a child’s inappropriate social or school behavior. For a child’s long-term health and well-being, providing parents with effective advice is every bit as important as writing a prescription for antibiotics. I believe that the behavioral prescriptions offered through Behavior Checker will help parents and their children’s primary care providers manage these common behavioral issues in an effective and systematic way.”

The Society for Prevention Research is an organization dedicated to advancing scientific investigation on the etiology and prevention of social, physical and mental health, and academic problems and on the translation of that information to promote health and well being.

The multi-disciplinary membership of SPR is international and includes scientists, practitioners, advocates, administrators, and policy makers who value the conduct and dissemination of prevention science worldwide.

The Raised with Love and Limits Foundation supports the new public health movement of preventing toxic stress in children’s lives to improve their health, learning and behavior by helping parents and caregivers manage children’s common behavioral issues through evidence-based strategies that develop consistent, caring, supportive, protective relationships with children.

“Behavior Checker” is a trademark of The Raised with Love and Limits Foundation.



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